How to Pack for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Princess weekend is next month! As it gets closer I have started to look at my wardrobe and make packing lists for what I’m going to wear during the trip. To plan this out, I typically run through a daily schedule of what I’ll be doing while I’m there and then start to work backwards to develop my list of what I’m taking with me. This also rings true for family trips, but when the kids come it just involves doing the same process for multiple people.

For this year’s Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, I’ll be arriving on Friday and departing that Monday; the day after the race. I could probably get away with a carry-on for only the clothing I’ll need, but I’m going to go ahead and just pay the fee this time and check one large bag. I plan to take some snacks and drinks with me in my checked bag in lieu of ordering from a food delivery service for Princess Weekend “in-room essentials” like bottled water, apples, Gatorade (powder), and granola bars. Maybe it’s the Mom in me that feels these are necessary for an adult only trip, but adults get hungry too, and you’ll be doing a lot of things that are out of the norm eating wise so its nice to have a few moderately healthy staples available. I double checked this on the TSA website and you can put fresh fruit and bottled liquids in checked bag on domestic flights, you just have to be mindful of the bag weight limit to avoid paying overweight fees.

According to, the average high temperature in February in Lake Buena Vista, Florida is 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Last year’s Princess Weekend was considerably warmer than that, but I’ll definitely watch the weather in the days prior to arrival to confirm. As someone from Michigan, I’m used to very cold temperatures. 74 might as well be 100 to me and I’ll be wearing sleeveless tops and shorts or sundresses and plan on swimming daily. Since it’s a running event I like to go full out athleisure wear and just soak in the active comfy vibe all weekend. I’ll wear winter type athleisure on the airplane with my sneakers and a North Face puffy vest for warmth. When I arrive I will switch to shorts and active tank tops or Disney themed t-shirts. I’ll wear sneakers as well pretty much all weekend until the race to save my feet as much as possible. After the race on Sunday, we will get dressed up and wear our medals (but wear comfy sandals) and go to a park to soak in our accomplishment in style. On family trips I like to theme my outfits off of the park we’ll be at – think animal print or something adventure like for Animal Kingdom or Disney Bound a character – think polka dots with red and black for Minnie Mouse. Both are fun ways to be in the Disney mood. For Princess Weekend though, I believe in the power of athleisure mixed with a nice set of Minnie ears that coordinate with what I’m wearing. Here are the ones I purchased for this year’s trip in Arendelle Aqua from It looks like these are sold out online but I know you can always pick up sold out items on eBay.

Run Disney Costume
At the finish line of the 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon

Other running related items I’ll be sure to pack are:

  • My running costume – I detailed my costume in a prior post, but I am channeling Elsa from Frozen 2 as my princess muse for this year.
  • Reusable Water Bottle – I like my jumbo 32 oz. Hydroflask Bottle (as most do)
  • Body Glide – This is anti-chafing rub (looks like a deodorant stick) that you need to rub under your arms and on your thighs to prevent friction scrapes.
  • Blister Bandaids – Because running and lots of walking, blisters will probably happen and ouch.
  • Aquaphor– Good multi-purpose ointment for any light injuries during the run
  • Comfy Athletic Flip Flops for after the race – Last year I didn’t pack any shoes to change into at the finish line (and skipped bag checking) and my feet were killing me. Several of us were just walking in the parking lot in socks.
  • Spibelt – This is where I tuck my running chews and iPhone during the race.
  • Ibuprofen – Sore muscles, no brainer.
  • Clif Bloks Energy Chews for on-course fuel
  • Good Running Socks – Go to a local running store and grab a good pair of socks for running, then test them out on your longest run you have left to make sure they feel good. Never race in new gear.

I hope this post has helped you fine tune what you’d like to pack for Princess Weekend this year. It’s such an exciting weekend. Regardless of what you wear you’re going to have a great time!



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