My Top 10 Favorite Rides at Disney World

Do your Disney dreams include riding the best rides the park has to offer? Rides are certainly the backbone of a Disney World trip and there are amazing ones that shouldn’t be missed. Some of the rides I adore are a two-hour standby wait type rides, while others you could walk right on. I prefer nostalgic, timeless rides over most thrill-seeking rides, so my top 10 favorite rides represent this entire ride spectrum.

Without further adieu, here are my top 10 favorite rides at Disney World:

  1. Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • This is legitimately the best theme park ride I’ve ever been on. You are assigned a role to play in the simulation and your team controls the Millenium Falcon through a mission. It’s the coolest thing ever. The pilots actually get to send the Falcon into hyperspace!
  2. Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
    • This is my favorite roller coaster at Disney. I love that it goes backward, has engaging action, and intriguing mountain scenery around you. The spooky Yeti is a nice touch as well.
  3. Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
    • This ride is so lively and exciting. In fact, it’s so incredibly adorable you just can’t help but smile the whole time you’re on it. Toy Story land in itself is so well done, but this is the crown jewel of the land.
  4. Mad Tea Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • I’m typically not a fan of rides that can cause motion sickness as I’ve gotten older, but I would never skip teacups. This ride is so timeless and fun. I have adorable pictures of my kids’ faces and smiles as they spin those teacups as fast as they can. Enjoy the experience and take lots of happy teacup pictures.
  5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • This ride is such a classic. The improved queue area with the Fantasyland reinvention a few years ago added a small playground waiting area. This area is perfect for little kids so that they can get some wiggles out and spend less time in line. Once you board your Dumbo, the breeze and view from up above Fantasyland is amazing. Pink and purple Dumbo are family favorites.
  6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • My favorite part of this coaster is going through the dwarfs’ mine full of jewels as they sing Heigh-Ho! I just want to take a bag of those giant diamonds and rubies home!
  7. Frozen Ever After at Disney’s Epcot
    • As a huge Frozen fan, I’d be crazy to not include this loveable journey into Arendelle in my top 10. This boat ride has all the cute frozen feels with a few rushes of excitement thanks to Elsa’s ice powers and Marshmallow.
  8. Peter Pan’s Flight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • Nothing beats this fabulous retro ride flying over London in Captain Hook’s pirate ship. I love the giant tick-tock-croc at the end trying to steal a taste of Captain Hook.
  9. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros at Disney’s Epcot
    • This is the first ride we experience when we start our tour of the World Showcase in Epcot. Since there aren’t too many rides in the World Showcase, this is a great way to start your international journey. I love the Three Caballeros movie, so it’s very cute to see Donald, Jose, and Panchito exploring Mexico and Latin America. The section near the end has an It’s a Small World vibe, which I also love.
  10. Splash Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • Splash Mountain is all about the big hill at the end for me. This is one of the few thrill rides I crave a ride on! It might have something to do with the refreshing nature of getting a little wet on a hot Florida day, but Splash Mountain is definitely not to be missed.

What rides are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy planning!

*My one disclaimer is that I haven’t ever ridden Rise of the Resistance or Flight of Passage. Those two rides are probably on many people’s lists, but since I haven’t personally experienced them I’d feel odd adding them on mine. 

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