Take a Daily Dose of Disney Fun

Wow, this coronavirus is SCARY! So many parts of everyday life have changed in a very short amount of time. Many of us are planning on laying low for the next few weeks with kiddos off school and only traveling out when truly necessary due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s so easy to be bummed, depressed, angry, and frantic at this change from our daily normal life. Disney lovers can certainly agree that a small daily dose of Disney happiness and fun could help cheer up our kiddos and keep them entertained during the next few weeks they’ll be off school. My kids are off school for at least three weeks, so I’ve put together 21 Daily Doses of Disney Fun that we’re going to do to brighten our upcoming days of social distancing. The activities listed are geared to elementary-aged children and have been approved by my second grader and kindergartner. We’re starting our daily dose of Disney fun and Mom School to keep up on academics on Monday.

Try to take it easy and take care of yourself (and each other). Wishing health and safety to you and yours in this troubling time. Here’s to hoping soon our biggest issue can be what FastPass to get on our upcoming vacation, not if it’s safe to go to school. Stay healthy friends.

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