Take a Daily Dose of Disney Fun – Again!

With only a few days left in my initial Daily Dose of Disney Fun list, I have created a new calendar for the entire month of April to keep our Disney hearts full as we embark on homeschooling/distance learning thanks to COVID-19. Many of the activities on this month’s calendar offer an educational aspect to them as well; such as reading, writing, Spanish, or art. I am not a teacher, but I don’t think any teacher would argue that kids respond better to learning when you find ways to make it fun and educational. Besides the educational aspects, incorporating the Disney fun into your day also adds daily structure and a routine into your life, which can bring comfort when things seem otherwise out of control.

The Daily Dose of Disney Fun has been a great addition to our days at home. We’ve played around with different times of the day to do the Disney fun, but have found that first thing after breakfast or last thing in the evening works best for us, depending on the length of the movie and activity involved.

Give it a try! What do you have to lose? Incorporate the Daily Dose of Disney Fun into your homeschool curriculum this month and you’ll have the coolest homeschool around.

Stay home and stay safe everyone.

Please remember, sharing is caring! I’d love for you to share my April schedule far and wide and on your social networks, but remember to use the link to my website, not just the file. Thanks!

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