Family Park Touring with Style – Epcot

As I shared before, one of my favorite pre-Disney World activities is planning our vacation wardrobe. I know. I know. The reason I put time into this is very simple. Pictures. Think about how many pictures you take while at Disney World? I bet it’s far more than you get from your photographer from your annual family photoshoots. You plan your wardrobe for that photoshoot, right? I have never done the everyone matches route, but I do love a good, everyone coordinates photo. Typically, my thought is, the kids dress up most, followed by me, then my husband. We always end up printing out pictures from our Disney World trips. I want them to look cute and fun.

Continuing with my virtual shopping spree series, I’m planning a wardrobe for our family for a future visit to Epcot. For me, one of my favorite things to wear to Epcot are Lilly Pulitzer dresses. They are great for summer, sunshine, and Florida! I typically wear snug-fitting, short athletic shorts under my dresses at the parks so that there aren’t awkward on/off ride moments. For shoes, I wear flip flops to Epcot, which I know many people are in the “sneaker-only” camp and may disagree, but I don’t really like pairing sneakers with dresses. Bag-wise, I love the Loungefly Disney backpacks for every park. Now that I don’t have to haul the kitchen sink every time I leave the house with my kids, I think they’re the perfect touring bag. The Olaf Mini Backpack at Shop Disney is my top choice for Epcot (and the Norway pavilion of course).

I’m clearly a creature of habit! Lilly, Birkenstocks – Check, check!

For the kids, I’m really interested in trying comfy princess themed dresses such as these from Taylor Joelle. I’d go with the Anna and Elsa ones since there is such a large Frozen presence in Epcot. The Anna Dresses are linked as the Elsa’s seem to be temporarily out-of-stock. I’m intrigued by these dresses because so many times we’ve invested in a cute new princess gown from the Disney Store, only to have it be tossed in the bottom of a stroller within 30 minutes because it’s hot and itchy. There are lots of princess meet and greets available in Epcot, so you can easily choose your girl’s favorite and go with that! For non-princess lovers, I’d recommend the classic Disney character route by Taylor Joelle (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, etc.).

My husband likes clothes that breathe well, so items in performance fabrics such as an Under Armour polo and golf shorts, would be great for a day out in the sunshine. Birkenstock sandals for men are also very comfortable and versatile.

Notice that the clothes for everyone are in a similar color palette, without deliberately matching (other than for the kids). I don’t mind if the kids match because it’s cute, and it makes it easy to spot them if they get temporarily separated.

I certainly wish I was at Epcot today riding Frozen Ever After, Soarin, Test Track, and the Gran Fiesta Tour then eating and drinking our way around the World Showcase. Sighs! I know in my heart someday we’ll be back. Until then, happy virtual shopping!

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