Family Park Touring With Style – Hollywood Studios

Continuing my Family Park Touring With Style Series, today we’re focusing on creating a family park touring wardrobe to wear to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. As you know by now, planning a Disney vacation wardrobe is one of my favorite pre-trip activities. It’s also something we can all do while we’re stuck at home thanks to COVID-19 restrictions and are dreaming of far away places. Let’s hope and cross our fingers that we can all get back to our favorite parks very soon.

At lot goes into planning the perfect wardrobe for your vacation, which I’ve outlined below for today’s park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Planning Factors

What will we be doing at Hollywood Studios?

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is so diverse with its entertainment offerings, you could go several routes with your wardrobe choices. You can go Star Wars heavy, Toy Story, classic Mickey/Minnie themed, or a mix of those. Hollywood Studios has a vareity of thrill rides, shows, indoor/outdoor dining, character greetings, and roller coasters. Personally, I’m really into Star Wars, so that is the route I would go with our wardrobe. Even though Toy Story land is ADORABLE, it can’t compete with how incredible Galaxy’s Edge (the new Star Wars land) is. Any trip to Hollywood Studios that I take in the next few years will be focused on Star Wars land.


Hollywood Studios has a lot of very sunny areas without tree cover and shade, so unless it’s winter weather, which is a whole different ballgame, it will likely be SUNNY and very HOT. Heavy costumes would be a no-no. I’d also avoid dark colors if possible, even though there are many fun black Star Wars shirts out there. Pop-up showers are also always a possibility, so materials that dry quickly would also be preferable.


Hollywood Studios is very large now. Walking from the back edge of Star Wars land all the way to Tower of Terror near the front edge of the park is pretty far! Do your fast passes have you zig-zagging this area back and forth? I always try to stagger pass times to minimize walking back and forth between the different zones to save our feet. The heat and lack of sleep will tire you out enough so please cut down on your mileage if possible. If you have no other choice, ensure your clothes and shoes are going to support your heavy walking touring plan. I’m personally comfortable walking long distances in sandals but many aren’t and prefer sneakers, so since we do walk a decent amount in Hollywood Studios, I’ve opted for sneakers this time.

Kids Costumes

Sure a picture of all your kids in full Star Wars costumes with lightsabers in Batuu will be super cute, but if your kids are like mine they will complain they are hot and will then remove their cute outer layer of clothing for whatever random thing they wore under it. With this in mind, plan to carry their full costume at least part of the day and have them wear something also photo-worthy under it. A slightly easier option is to just come up with something comfortable that also serves as a costume. For girls, I’m loving the Taylor Joelle character dresses. For boys, I’d stick with a t-shirt that falls in the theme and maybe dress it up with Mickey Mouse ears or a Disney hat of some kind. Shop Disney and Hanna Andersson both have nice Disney or Star Wars shirts for boys. This is also an option if your girls don’t like wearing dresses.

With these factors in mind, here is my plan for our:

Hollywood Studios Family Park Touring Wardrobe

Items are available to purchase at the links below (I receive nothing in return for these endorsements, they are my humble opinion only)

  1. The Child Fashion Tank Top for Women – Shop Disney (I love baby Yoda. Thank you for bringing him into our lives Disney+)
  2. Cutoff Short in Clean White for Women – 7forallMankind
  3. Sidewalk Low-Top Sneakers in Leather for Women – Madewell
  4. Yoda Mini Backpack by Loungefly – Shop Disney
  5. The Scavenger Dress – Taylor Joelle
  6. Han Solo “I Know” Couples T-Shirt for Men – Shop Disney
  7. T.H.E. Short 9″ for Men in Heather Allover Sea Salt Light Cast – Lululemon
  8. Ultraboost DNA Shoes for Men – Adidas

Happy shopping and hopefully happy park touring soon!

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