Disney Summer Camp at Home

Many of us are looking for fun ways to have a safe summer camp experience for our kids this summer and nowhere is safer than home right now. I’ve created a week of Disney Summer Camp at Home activities perfect for your elementary-aged, Disney-loving kiddos to have a great camp experience.

The Monday through Friday Summer Camp includes: Mickey and Pals Monday, Tough to be a Bug Tuesday, Water Fairy Wednesday, Theme Park Thursday, and Friday Fun With Disney Dogs.

How Does Disney Summer Camp at Home Work?

Typically, each day has a suggestion for a Disney movie, craft, and a get-outside activity. It’s not meant to take up their entire day just a few hours here and there for one Monday through Friday.

Disney Summer Camp at Home Schedule

Mickey and Pals Monday

What Disney Camp would be complete without an ode to Mickey and his main pals? Watch some Mickey Mouse Cartoon Shorts on Disney+ to start the day. A great craft would be to learn to draw Mickey Mouse with a Disney Artist (video below) or to do a Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye art project like this one on the Kids Activities Blog. To get outside today, why not have a picnic with all your Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy plush animal friends? If you’re like us, you’ll be shocked by how many you have! If you somehow don’t have any yet, what are you waiting for? Buy a Mickey and Minnie plush! Another fun add-on could be a Mickey-shaped Treat! Our Target sells Mickey Ice Cream bars and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches, but it’s easy to make your own foods Mickey-shaped once you own a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter.

Tough to be a Bug Tuesday

Watch the Disney Pixar movie A Bug’s Life. Bugs are outside so let’s spend the day outside exploring our yards and looking for new creatures. Just remember to treat them with kindness. Grab your bug observation equipment and a few sheets of paper to log your visual and written observations like all great scientists do. To craft, let’s create a pollinator garden planter! Learn how from our friends at Disney Conservation.

Water Fairy Wednesday

Start the morning with your favorite Tinkerbell movie. The favorite movie in our house is The Pirate Fairy which is a recent add-on to Disney+. Then head outside and craft a fairy house out of materials in the yard or from your house to set up in your backyard. You could also make your own fairy door to attach to your house or a tree. After crafting, pretend to be water fairy‚Äôs and play in your sprinkler, slip-n-slide, pool, or whatever other water feature you have available. We have this trampoline sprinkler and its kind of amazing.

Theme Park Thursday

I miss the Disney theme parks so much! For Thursday, let’s bring in some of our favorite things about the parks into our day. Start your day with a movie that inspires one of your favorite rides. Dress up like you’re spending a day at the Magic Kingdom. Magic bands, mouse ears, princess dresses, everything. Ask your kids what their favorite rides are and then try to recreate some essence of them at home. A few ideas include:

  • Watch ride POV’s on YouTube
  • Play Disney Parks Uno or other board games themed after the parks or Disney characters
  • Do a craft inspired by your favorite ride. Paint a teacup to look like the teacups from Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Tea Party ride. Craft a Millenium falcon out of cardboard if you’re a Millenium Falcon Smuggler’s Run fan. Endless possibilities!
  • Have a Mickey Shaped Food Treat (see Monday for ideas)
  • Eat popcorn in one of your Disney popcorn buckets

Friday Fun With Disney Dogs (or Other Sidekicks)

There are just too many cute Disney dog friends to count. Our favorite is Dug, from the movie Up. We love him so much we named our own Golden Retriever Dug. You could watch your favorite dog’s movie and then do an art project inspired by them. Take your own furry friend on a special walk or play fetch outside. If you don’t have a dog, improvise. Maybe go on a walk and look at the different types of pets outside in your neighborhood. I also found these Disney dog pajamas from ShopDisney for a fun end of Disney Camp treat for my kids.

Feel free to make adjustments, switch the days around, do one day of the camp only, whatever works best for your family. I hope you have a great summer filled with Disney magic!

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