Disney Vacation Style

Do you sit at home for months planning for your Disney vacation? The fast passes, hotel, dining reservations, the clothes? Clothes? Read more to find out why and how you should plan your family’s Disney World Vacation wardrobe.

Why Plan a Family Wardrobe for Your Disney World Vacation?

One of my favorite pre-Disney World activities is planning our vacation wardrobe. I know. I know. The reason I put time into this is very simple. Pictures. Think about how many pictures you take while at Disney World? I bet it’s far more than you get from your photographer from your annual family photoshoots. You plan your wardrobe for that photoshoot, right? So why not plan the same way for those vacation photos? You’ll be glad you did!

To Match or Not to Match?

The great debate of matching t-shirts… Some people are very keen on buying matching shirts. I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of everyone in a personalized shirt that says, “Jones Family Vacation 2020” but I fall in the not-matching camp. If you do decide to go that route there are certainly plenty of vendors out there with some adorable designs! They don’t necessarily need to have names on them to be matching either. If you see a cute shirt and you think every family member of yours will wear it, then by all means go for it!

One of my all-time favorite “Disney” shirts that isn’t actually Disney!

While I don’t personally have everyone match, I do like everyone coordinating. I will often have the kids match, but not always, just because they have different personal preferences and it’s not worth convincing them to wear something they don’t like. I always try to have the adults wear something that complements or coordinates with what the kids are wearing. You also don’t have to wear shirts that are blatantly Disney. Many fun graphic t-shirts have great connections to Disney themes, such as kindness, happiness, and of course, magic.

This Live Your Fairytale Shirt is on Happily Ever Tees website. I have followed this site for years and I love how they incorporate sayings that may not always be direct from a Disney Movie but are still perfect for Disney World (and when you get home too!).

Where to Find Cute Disney T-Shirts

Disneybounding and Alternative Costumes

The concept of Disneybounding is dressing in the theme of a character without it being an actual costume. For example, many people will Disneybound Mickey Mouse. An easy example for an adult woman would be a mouse ear headband, black fitted t-shirt with large white polka dots, red chino shorts, and yellow sandals. This is not a “Mickey costume” as adults aren’t even allowed to wear full-costumes unless it’s a Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party or another costumed special event. This outfit would be considered a Mickey Disneybound outfit because it incorporates all the elements we all know Mickey has: mouse ears, black, red shorts, two white spots, and yellow shoes. You can choose any character you’d like and channel that character’s essence by finding outfits that fit into that theme. On the children’s side, doing a lighter Disneybounding costume is more comfortable than ShopDisney or Disney World purchased princess gowns. You can shop for items to Disneybound at any store.

In the spirit of comfort, there are also alternative costume ideas that are both more comfortable than traditional costumes and meet Disney’s Costume Guidelines for both children and adults. Many online vendors use similar textile patterns and themes to make comfy costumes that are dresses, t-shirts, leggings, etc. associated with a particular character.

Where to Find Alternative Costume Options

  • Taylor Joelle – The most adorable, comfy kids Disney Themed Dresses
  • Kawaiian Pizza Apparel – Great t-shirts, dresses, and more all themed to look like your favorite Disney Character. These are perfect for RunDisney as well!
The alternative costume idea is a great fit for RunDisney when you want to be comfortable and look like a character. This dress is a Frozen 2 Elsa Dress from Kawaiian Pizza Apparel.

Sometimes You Just Want to be Fancy

Maybe it’s the champagne bar in France, maybe it’s eating at Le Cellier in Canada, but something about Epcot and the World Showcase makes me want to dress up. Every trip I always wear a Lilly Pulitzer dress to the World Showcase. Sometimes it’s also nice to just dress up a little when you go to a nice dinner at Disney Springs or one of the Deluxe Resorts. It won’t hurt to pack one nice outfit for you and your family in case you plan on having a fancy day or evening. Adding a cute Loungefly sparkly Minnie backpack to your look is another fun way to add a stylish Disney touch to whatever outfit you wear that day.

At the Norway Pavillion in the Epcot World Showcase

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Whenever you find yourself at Disney World next, I hope you have a stylishly fabulous time!